World’s first processed olive herbal tea



Every sip takes us on a memory lane, through the banks of experiences, enlivening our emotions, and uplifting our senses.
We understand sipping that morning cup is more of an experience for you. At Oliria, we take a lot of care to preserve the quality from leaf to the cup. Each leaf is handpicked from the farms of Rajasthan and packed exclusively for you, preserving the freshness of leaves.
The invigorating aroma will rejuvenate you and relax your nerves. In each flavour, you will witness traditions unfold themselves.
A blend of nature and expertise, through Oliria, we aim to introduce earthy finds that are crafted to perfection by us. Relax, Rejoice, and Rejuvenate with Oliria.

Journey to explore the goodness of nature with Oliria


The tale of tea processing is fascinating, exciting, and inspiring. For us, tea is more than just a product. We give a lot of attention to the ‘little things,’ as we aim to create lasting relationships with our customers through our product.

Fresh Olive leaves are handpicked from the farms of Rajasthan with a lot of care and love. Once plucked, they are gently washed with ozonized water to remove all the impurities. After cutting, they are dried slowly at a specific temperature to enhance the health properties and retain the aroma. Then the freshness of the leaves is preserved in earthy yet modern packages, which are thoughtfully curated for you.

Every single leaf packed in those boxes undergoes careful and expert evaluation by experienced professionals.



~ Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp ~

Hand-crafted tea selection that delivers goodness with every blend served.

Sip by Sip Rather Than Gulp by Gulp

Hand-crafted tea selection that delivers goodness with every blend served.

What Client’s Say

As a tea enthusiast from the North East region, I was very curious about Olive tea from Rajasthan. Very recently, I had an opportunity to taste Oliria Olive Herbal Tea. Wow, what a taste! Truly smooth, no such astringency like green tea, and amazing color of the natural olive infusion. I like all their natural blend teas, but Rose and Mint Olive Tea just hooked me! I have already ordered my next month requirement of Oliria Olive Tea.

Nancy Gurung, Darjeeling

OLIRIA Tea Online Customer


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